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CityPOV API's and Widgets for Your Website

We are proud to offer hyper-local centric data back to communities for FREE and as a Business Solution

CityPOV Widget

Coming within the next 30 days we will be providing a FREE Community Card Widget for anybody to embed on their site in 2 easy Steps.
  • 1First search for a desired community on our site and we will return a preview of the community card. (Like here!).
  • 2You will then copy the provided HTML code from our site and paste in your website page or save image for your social media / Craigslist Ad. (we can help if needed).
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CityPOV has invested a great deal of time on developing a proprietary infrastructure that takes existing ’Big Data’ and relates it geographically. Our Platform then aggregates this data and presents educated assumptions, ratings and soon predictions. The same data we use for building our own applications is available to 3rd parties by way of an API license that helps other companies consumers make better choices.
If you are interested in providing Community Data to support your product / service offering. Contact us for a personal demonstration and tailored solution that fits your technical / business need.
Examples include industries such as:
  • Real Estate
  • Local Commerce
  • Travel Tourism
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CityPOV Data

CityPOV uses a mix of available open data sources to give a current, authentic, and complete view of communities across Canada.
  • Social Media API’s
  • Third Party Data Sources
  • Government Data
  • User Contributed Content
CityPOV then takes these snippets of data and presents it in an intuitive interface that’s organized geographically. CityPOV then interprets this data and formulates a detailed ranking / sorting system.
We can provide our formulated interpretation of the data by way of XML, Excel and KML. Pricing may depend on the coverage area or the size of the data set.
Also, contact us if you’re a non-profit organization and have a vision in community improvement / development. We are willing to sponsor our involvement.
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Love CityPOV! Absolutely brilliant getting all the local news, census and events for every neighbourhood in Canada all in one spot!

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