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Community Focused Real Estate Marketing Solutions

Current Community Content

CityPOV's proprietary platform will delivery automatically related content to each listing. Census, Schools, Localized News and more.

Marketing SEO Websites

All websites are mobile friendly and Search Engine Optimized to generate community searched leads.

MLS® Synchronized Listings

Full MLS® Listings using the IDX or CREA DDF® (Data Distribution Facility) feed. Automatically updated daily!

CityPOV increases your qualified leads by making you the local authority.


We Make You the Community Ambassador

Homebuyers search online for community first, then for a new home. CITYPOV makes YOU the community expert. This means potential clients pick YOU – not your competition – for their real estate needs.


Gives You Hyper-Local Content

CITYPOV realtors showcase current, relevant and hyper-local content on their lead-generating site. No one else in Canada offers this depth of targeted, community-focused content – and that sets you apart from the competition.


Build Trust and Credibility in You

Realtors who implement the CITYPOV proprietary online marketing solution build trust and credibility with potential clients. This creates a direct line to success by increasing quality leads, acquiring new clients, and selling their homes.


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Learn how we can make you the community expert and increase your qualified leads – call us NOW before your competition does. We’ll show you how you can start our RISK-FREE, 30-day trial – and watch your leads increase!


Getting started with CityPOV

Use the POWER of our proprietary CityPOV online Realtor marketing solution to make you the community expert and grow the number of quality leads you get.

One call can change everything! Start our RISK-FREE, 30-day trial today – and watch your leads increase substantially.

Do it now – before your competition becomes the community expert in your area!

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““I am super happy with the power of my new CityPOV site and the extra services I did not expect. They established a brand that works for my demographic and have already forwarded an international lead within the first 30 days of signing up.”

Jay V.

Partnering with CityPOV Receive FREE Seminar

Understanding the importance of community and using the right online marketing strategy and tools will draw potential homebuyers and sellers to you, instead of to your competition.

How people search to buy a home has changed. Social media. Search engine optimization. Keywords. Affordable technology. Convenient access to listings via Mobile phones. The list goes on and on. It’s a brave, new, uber-connected world out there. Technology has created a dramatic shift in how potential homebuyers and sellers behave online. For decades, it has been viewed that for the homebuyer or seller, it was all about the credibility and trust of the REALTOR® . Isn’t that why REALTORS® put their headshots on everything from business cards to bus benches?

The CityPOV team has close to two decades of experience in real estate marketing and more than two years of in-depth research and development in what community expertise means to real estate sales success. We would like to share our insights in this area with your brokerage – at no charge and with no strings attached.

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