These days, it pays to understand the online behaviour of homebuyers.

Buyers search for the right community first – and the right REALTOR® second.

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Are your REALTORS® getting as many qualified leads or referrals as they would like?

Understanding the importance of community and using the right online marketing strategy and tools will draw potential homebuyers and sellers to you, instead of to your competition.

How people search to buy a home has changed. Social media. Search engine optimization. Keywords. Affordable technology. Convenient access to listings via Mobile phones. The list goes on and on. It’s a brave, new, uber-connected world out there. Technology has created a dramatic shift in how potential homebuyers and sellers behave online. For decades, it has been viewed that for the homebuyer or seller, it was all about the credibility and trust of the REALTOR® . Isn’t that why REALTORS® put their headshots on everything from business cards to bus benches?

The fact is, while trust and credibility are important, research shows that today, potential homebuyers search online for a community first. They want to know about the neighbourhood, the schools, the health care and recreational opportunities, the social and entertainment elements, the safety, the demographics – and so much more. For those who are moving to new areas for work or because of the high price of real estate in some urban centres, they want their REALTOR® to be the community expert.

The CityPOV team has close to two decades of experience in real estate marketing and more than two years of in-depth research and development in what community expertise means to real estate sales success. We would like to share our insights in this area with your brokerage – at no charge and with no strings attached.

We offer a no-cost, 30-minute CityPOV – Why Community Matters to REALTORS® presentation that is engaging, interactive and informative – and we bring the coffee and muffins.

Our CityPOV – Why Community Matters presentation will showcase the benefits of creating an authentic, genuine community expert REALTOR® brand. A brand that resonates with buyers and sellers. We will share the value of sourcing local content, how to generate in-bound leads, effective ways to measure ROI, how hyper-local online advertising actually casts a wider net and more. Your REALTORS® will walk away with practical information that they can put to use right away – that very day.

Our approach isn’t ever about a “hard sell.” We know you get that from every angle these days. Our goal is to inform, enlighten and share what we have learned. Our proprietary, online real estate marketing solution – the only one of its kind available in Canada – attracts the best and brightest. The REALTORS® who want to be at the top of their game – who want to become the community expert before their competition takes that title – will reach out to us.

Why do we give this information away for free? A) We believe community matters (it’s in our DNA); and B) we know that the go-getter REALTORS® will want to speak with us about how we can help them to be the community expert and draw in more qualified leads and referrals. It’s that simple.

This is an informative, interesting, no strings attached, free presentation. It is for the REALTORS® who want to increase qualified leads, referrals – and home sales – by tapping into the community-first approach.

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